We take pride in creating one of its kind, digital collectibles platform, Terra Virtua, aiming digital immortality!
Hosting a massive array of collectibles, Terra Virtua boasts working with IPs such as Legendry Pictures, Paramount, with some world renowned titles like Pacific Rim, Lost in Space, The Godfather, and Top Gun.
Become a collector, choose from various 3D models, 2D, and 2D Animated posters, organizing your own digital world in all avaiable digital touch points (Web, Mobile, PC, VR, AR).


With the help of blockchain specialists and a dedicated team of developers here at Big Immersive, Terra Virtua’s assets are integrated with blockchain technology, which means they will last forever!

the era of
existing in the

digital realm



The marketplaces boast an elaborate collection of NFTs, supporting assets that range from 3D and 3D animated models, 2D and 2D animated posters, artwork, audio integrated assets. The collectors can not only interact with these assets in 3D environments but can also trade them.

your own
digital sanctuary

The FanCave and TerraDome

The FanCave and TerraDome are first of their kind digital environments to exhibit digital collections, created, and perfected in UE4.

an exclusive

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is a personalized experience for digital artists and collectors. Featuring a grand and aesthetic hall of marble, displaying digital artwork framed in high definition also developed using UE4.

on the go

Terra Virtua App

Check your inventory from your phone, view the items in AR using the Terra Virtua App.

a reviting

Terra Virtua VR

Amalgamating Blockchain and VR, the team at Big Immersive is creating a truly immersive digital world to interact and experience digital collectibles.