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A Godly Tower Defense VR Game



A Godly Tower Defense VR Game

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Varrow Interactive

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Q1, 2018


Daydream / GooglePlay / Oculus Rift / Gear VR / Pico / PlayStation VR / Vive


The age of Gods is nearing its end. Gone are the days when believers used to gather in masses at the temples, the numbers have dwindled to abysmal numbers, leaving only a handful of faithful followers still giving the Gods minuscule power through prayer.

As the powers of the Gods begins to diminish, they are losing their form and becoming mortal once more. The Gods combine to form the Overly Sensitive Mountain Giant, a body that they hope is strong enough to carry them to their final resting place, Godzius, a magical dimension that is hidden from the likes of man.

A place where the Gods will be reunited with their friends and family from generations past, is their final escape and only hope to forever leave the world of non-believers behind. Taking loyal believers with them to the gates of Cielo as their reward.

Man, however, has been quick to adapt to the rapid changes of science, and challenge the new form of the Gods, to stop them once and for all, so that no one would ever have to bow before powerful beings again.

As the Overly Sensitive Mountain Giant you will travel the hostile and treacherous world of man, surviving the various challenges that await you. Fight through hordes of Master Swordsmen, Eagle-Eyed Archers, Masterful Mages, and the Bravest Knights of the land stand before you.

Saving your believers will grant you God like powers in your Giant state, so make sure you save all your believers before you reach the end of each level.


  • God Simulator!
  • Immersive Environment!
  • Multi Platform!
  • Unlock Powerful Abilities!

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