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In space, no one can save you. It’s only you,
corridors of death, and a jetpack.



In space, no one can save you. It’s only you, corridors of death, and a jetpack.

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Varrow Interactive

Release date:

Q3, 2018


Daydream / GooglePlay / Oculus Rift / Gear VR / Pico / PlayStation VR / Vive


How long can you survive corridors filled with laser grids, missiles, and more?

Trapped in the cold confines of a Space Laboratory experiment gone awry, you are the only survivor and have to escape the threats that your scientific team failed to overcome. Dangers await you at every corridor, and you have only your trusty jetpack to help you survive the perils that await you at every turn.

Enter the perilous world of Jetman, a jetpack jumping hero who has to survive narrow corridors constantly challenging his survival. As you travel from one corridor to the next, you can never be sure what lies in wait for you through the next set of doors.

Can you take on the challenges of lasers, shock waves, red zones, drones, uranium drums, robots, and even bosses are only a few of the dangers that stand in your way of surviving the merciless confines of space.

It isn’t easy being the Jetman when you have to constantly evade the dangers that are heading towards you. You have to vigilantly watch your surroundings to avoid certain death, each section will only get harder than the last, and you will always be tested.

The level designs are catered to learn how you play and adapts accordingly, generating hallways to suit the player and challenge their capability without making the game feel too difficult, but not something to shrug off either.

You will have to use your jetpack with precision as physics is not your friend here. It is your only tool of survival in the game. It will take plenty of practice but will be rewarding when you master it!


  • Randomly generated hallways that intelligently adapt to the player’s skill level.
  • A Jetpack with realistic physics to ensure only the best space cadets can master the flight.
  • Immersive and detailed environments will have you looking all over your surroundings for constant dangers.
  • Challenging obstacles which will take time and patience to learn and survive against.
  • Survive deadly encounters with a menacing boss to keep your run going.
  • Compete against players from all over with a real-time leaderboard. How long can you hold the top spot or take the crown from the king?

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