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Control the Streets from your Seat

City Traffic Control

City Traffic Control

Control the Streets from your Seat

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Teensy Studios

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January 23, 2017


Daydream / GooglePlay / Oculus Rift / Gear VR / Pico


“All men dream, but not equally”- T.E Lawrence

Everyone in the world has different aspirations. Some may want to be bus drivers, and others would want to go into more lucrative fields such as lawyers or doctors. What about those, who want the power to control traffic at whim?

Welcome to the world of City Traffic Control.

Enter a beautiful city with colorful graphics, and be the traffic warden that they deserve. Your job helps others do theirs.
Help guide ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, and ordinary citizens of the city to their destination safely, making sure you help them avoid collisions.

Just like air traffic control, your job is to clear the path for approaching vehicles. You need to control the speeds of individual vehicles and regulate their movement using your controller. Help each vehicle in all the levels reach their destination safely, and in one piece.

The game takes place in a 360-degree viewing angle, you have to look at all of the streets surrounding you and make sure you don’t miss a vehicle or forget about one you left at full speed on 40 Km/h.

Play through over 20 different levels, with each giving you a new mechanic to master and use to help you do your job better.


  • 20+ colorful levels to play through and master.
  • A living city where you have to guide traffic and protect pedestrians.
  • Control individual vehicle speeds and use new mechanics to help you along the way.
  • 360-degree viewing, control the whole city’s traffic from a brand new point of view.

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