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A Lone Wizard's Fight to save the World

Agelore's Fantasy

Agelore’s Fantasy

A Lone Wizard’s Fight to save the World

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Varrow Interactive

Release date:

Feb 22, 2017


Daydream / GooglePlay / Oculus Rift / Gear VR / Pico / Vive


Welcome to the world of the mighty wizard, Agelore. A wizard who stands alone against the forces of evil as all his specimen trapped in jars have come to life through the evil spreading across the land.

His former apprentice Darklore, has corrupted the lands with his evil and determined to take out the village that made him an outcast. It is your job to protect the village from his evil and save the day!

Equipped with your trusty staff, you must protect the villagers from the evil. Defeat incoming waves of your jar abominations one at a time and prepare for the boss fights too.

You will earn rewards that will allow you to upgrade your staff, health and damage with the help of coins you get from the villagers for protecting them.

After fighting waves of minions, you have to fight the occasional bosses to progress. Fight unruly creations of the evil plague, they take more hits to defeat and move at a faster speed, so make sure you are equipped and have your stats properly leveled up to take on the bosses.

The game takes place ALL around you, in a 360-degree setting. You might not see the enemy coming, but they might already be on you! So you have to stay on your toes and always be alert.


  • Endless wave based combat, how far can you get?
  • Colorful graphics.
  • 360-degree viewing, so you have to always be on alert.
  • Level up your character as you progress using coins in the stats screen.

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